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I broke the site a few days ago when I tried to clean up a perl script. Apparently an open brace got deleted by accident and the whole thing was broke. I've been busy enough lately that I didn't notice for almost a week. Oops.

Ushicon 2004 pictures up


I finally put up my pictures from Ushicon 2004. There are still some characters I need to identify, but at least the pictures are up now.

Katamari Damacy


I have been playing entirely too much Katamari Damacy lately. I have now collected everything except for six names.

I've added a new section with lists of all the Katamari Damacy items. A few of the ones that were difficult for me to find have tooltip hints on how to find them. Just look for the names highlighted in blue.

I also fixed a problem with the menus which caused the Anime Heretics links to not show up.

Now if I can just get around to updating the pictures section, which I haven't done for over a year...



I was checking my logs for something I recently added to another domain and noticed some funny business. Apparently someone was downloading a whole bunch of stuff that I had changed recently, and only the stuff that I had changed recently. And had been doing so at least since I moved my web site to its current computer. I looked up the IP and found this:

Qwest Communications NET-QWEST-BLKS-2 (NET-63-144-0-0-1)
Cyveillance QWEST-63-148-99-224 (NET-63-148-99-224-1)

A bit of searching found that these guys are notorious for running a web spider which doesn't even bother to look at robots.txt. So it will have fun wasting your bandwidth in dynamically generated web pages. It also looks like they sort through your stuff for trademark and copyright violations, and for bad-mouthing major brands. Here's a bit more info on them.

In any case, anyone running a web server would be well-advised to block them with a firewall rule.

ipfw add 100 deny ip from to any
ipfw add 100 deny ip from to any

Trackback time!


I finally got bored enough to look at my access_log.

Linked to my "Get the comfy Totoro!" pic on 2003-11-15. I'm really proud of that one. It's one of the very first cosplay pictures I took. No comments from linker. :-(

Linked to various pictures on 2002-01-02, all Inuyasha and Chobits related. Made comments on the pictures. :-)

Search engine links: I've limited myself to going one week back... that's plenty enough links! I also counted duplicate adjacent hits as one hit. Looks like Sesshomaru wins the contest here. And the week before, someone was searching for 'sesshomaru pocky'. I am not making this up.

Here's the summary, with the popular ones first:

  • Inuyasha (total 35) Sesshomaru (18) Kikyo (8) Kouga (2) Miroku (1) Kagome (1) "Inuyasha love pictures" (1) "Inuyasha and Sesshomaru" (1) "Inu Yasha and Kagome" (1)
  • Vash the Stampede (10)
  • Lupin (total 8) "ルパン" "ルパン3世" (RUPAN and RUPAN3SEI, 1 each, Jigen (1)
  • A-Kon (total 5) "A-Kon 14" "A-Kon 14 Yugioh" "A-Kon 14 Cosplay" "A-Kon cosplay" (1 each)
  • Naruto (total 3) Sakura (1) Sasuke (1) Naruto and Saskue (1)
  • Mimiru (2)
  • Vampiyan Kids (2)
  • Full Moon wo Sagashite (total 3) Meroko (2)
Single hits:
  • Afro-Ken
  • Aisha Clan-Clan
  • Amaterasu
  • Animefest 03
  • Japan Animefest
  • anime belldandy
  • Bussey's Flea Market
  • CCsakura
  • valentine CCS pictures
  • china dresses
  • devil megane (
  • DOA Helena
  • Elk Tsukasa
  • Kamidake
  • Kaiba
  • ことぶきつかさ (Kotobuki Tsukasa) (,
    with two more from the week before)
  • limbo dance pictures (
  • linux fanboy (Well, I used to run Linux...)
  • Magic Users Club
  • Master Shake
  • pictures of Scott McNeil (
  • Meryl Strife
  • Outlaw Star
  • pink angel
  • Pretear
  • Princess Peach
  • Sora Halloween
  • Spike and Jet
  • Spirited Away
  • Starscream
  • nostalgia Stratego
  • Sumomo
  • Tokyo Mew Mew group pictures
  • Totoro
  • Tsukasa
  • Ushicon
  • Vivi
  • Wolfwood

More convention pictures


Pictures for A-Kon 13 and AnimeFEST 2002 are up. I've also reformatted all my newer picture pages to a much better looking centered layout.

I've really Switched now.


I used to use MacOS 9, but I Switched to OS X.

I used to use Linux, but I Switched to OS X.

I've just finished moving all the internet services over from Nukunuku, my old Linux server (AT case, K6-2/350) to the new server, Canal, a Blue & White G3 PowerMac running 10.3. I've still got a few loose ends to take care of, but it does seem to be working. I'm not going to turn off Nukunuku any time soon, just in case I need something from it, but once I do, that'll only leave one box running Windows 2000 to play videos and run an EPROM programmer, and five computers running OS X 10.2 or better.

Now I need to start getting some of my other PowerMacs upgraded to 10.3.

Videotopia at San Antonio: Game Over


I got lucky. I was planning to go to Videotopia on its last day in San Antonio, Nov. 9. Then at 7AM yesterday morning, a friend of mine was still on IRC. I quickly found out that he and other friends of ours were going out there, so I got my ass in gear and drove down to San Antonio. (Not missing the chance to stop by Bussey's flea market and Thrift Town, of course.)

Well, when I got there, I found out that they had cut it a week short. Yesterday was the last day!

Anyhow, lots of classic cabinets, and a few not-so-classic games too. A couple of games I hadn't seen before (Atari Dominoes, and a Cinematronics vector sword-fighting game), and a lot of the old favorites too.

I ended up getting the top score on five games: Space Invaders (2220, dying on the 3rd wave by not paying attention), Missile Command (a weak 12 thousand something), Joust (on the only token I played, I got the NVRAM top score at 160-something thousand and level 19, which isn't all that great, so clearly they erased the scores every day), Gauntlet (high score on Elf by throwing quarters into Wizard), and Tempest (just by starting at and finishing level 9).

Mostly I played Marble Madness and Robotron. My wrist is still a little sore from Marble Madness.

Their Star Trek game wasn't working (the high voltage wasn't working), and Tempest had dust in the spinner. I was amused by the service table set up on a raised podium, looking rather like an exhibit in and of itself. I'm still not sure why a scale was in the midst of all the scopes and boards and chip programmer.

While I was there, I was unhappy that they didn't have a Gravitar. Afterwards, we discussed other games that were "missing". Mappy and Elevator Action seemed to be the consensus.

They had a couple of trivia kiosks. One was out of tokens, and right before I left, I tried the other one. I got seven right in a row for three more tokens.

I don't know where it's going next, but anyone who tells you to GO AND SEE IT is telling the truth.


More convention pictures


Pictures for Ushicon 2003 and A-Kon 14 are up.

Link of the, uhhh, month. Or something.


"Google is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you'll find."

It's like watching a highway accident. It's horrible, but you can't help but look. At least he's a good crossplayer.

Anyhow, I've got my AnimeFEST 2003 pictures up, and I'm working on the A-Kon 14 pictures now.

A-Kon Day 1


Okay, so I'm in the second overflow hotel. But it so happens that the Harvey has in-room internet, and I see no mention of it being an extra charge, either. Right now I'm taking a short break from sewing the 48 Buttonholes of Doom[tm] needed to add a ribbon to the sleeves of the Sai costume I'm working on, and I'm 1/3 of the way done.

The best costume I've seen so far is of Robin (from Witch Hunter Robin). Not only is this absolute proof that it is physically possible to get hair to stick out like that, but she's got the right glasses, right hair color, and a nice long leather jacket. She looks like she stepped right off the set of a live-action movie version.

The pre-registration lines Thursday afternoon weren't bad at all. The fun part was that they wanted to keep short lines near the registration table itself, so they would call out "SIX T THRU Z!". It was like some sort of crazy game show.

And now the "orange alert" has been lifted. Going back to yellow should be a Good Thing for the convention.

Yay! A-Kon is moving!


I heard a rumor the other day that A-Kon was moving to the Adam's Mark hotel in Dallas. So just now I checked and verified that this is indeed true. The DFW airport hotel probably wouldn't be so annoying if some bright spark hadn't decided to knock down one of the hotel towers back in mid-2001 to make a resort... a few months before a certain incident of major property damage made a "resort" on the grounds of an airport a rather silly idea. But at over 5,000 attendees, A-Kon has outgrown the ballroom space there anyhow.

Okay, so the Adam's Mark in Dallas says it was intentionally built BIG to handle BIG conventions. But here's the coolest part: it's in walking distance of the First Saturday high-tech flea market. This year is an exception, but the two big anime conventions in the DFW area usually land on the First Saturday weekend, so I've made a point of going down there on Saturday mornings. Next summer, I'll actually be able to do First Saturday the way it was intended: at oh-dark-hundred with a flashlight! Woot!

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