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Anime Heretics

Pictures of me in costume

Costume: Miroku from Inu Yasha
Convention: Ushicon 1 (2002)
(Also worn at A-Kon 13, AnimeFEST 2002, Ushicon 2003)

thumbnail What you can't see is the crappy jangly bit for the staff that I lashed up on a moment's notice from a towel ring, some brass keychain rings, and some decorative gold colored mylar tape that happened to be handy. I never did make a proper one.
The outer robe was a bit of a pain to figure out. In one anime episode, he takes it off and lays it on the ground... and it's rectangular! So I wrapped a length of fabric (from right off the bolt) around me a couple of times, and cheated by tying one corner into a faux knot and attaching it with a safety pin.
The black kimono wasn't even hemmed at the bottom. I cheated by wearing black hakama pants, which you couldn't tell from a kimono from what little stuck out at the bottom.
(Picture taken by A Fan's View)

Costume: Sai from Hikaru no Go
Convention: A-Kon 14 (2003)
(Also worn at AnimeFEST 2003, Ushicon 2004)

thumbnail I was surprised to be mistaken once for Abeno Seimei from Onmyouji (and Abenobashi) at A-Kon 14. There's not that much difference in the costumes, after all. I'll have to be ready for the next time that happens. (The picture? Sai's a ghost. Ghosts don't photograph very well sometimes.)
(Picture taken by masterjinn)
thumbnail This one showed me that I needed to pull the hat down lower and the kariginu up higher. What isn't obvious from these pictures is that I had to use safety pins to keep the red ribbon in place. It was constantly falling over and getting caught under my hands, because the long segments were so long. Oh yeah, forty-eight freaking buttonholes!
(Picture taken by someone from
thumbnail Teaching people how to play Go.
Yes, I made those tabi socks too. From blowing up a pattern someone made for a small doll. Amazingly, I only had to make one pair to get it right, and they fit rather well.
(Picture taken by gamesnark)
thumbnail Since I needed longer hakama with drawstrings at the bottom, I cheated by sewing a one foot strip to the bottom of the hakama. Eventually I'll remove it and use Velcro instead, so I can have the hakama both ways. It'll make bathroom breaks easier, too.
(Picture taken by Karsten)
thumbnail The fan was a lucky find at a thrift store. Six bucks. I need to reglue two of the spars so it will close with one hand.
(Picture taken by Karsten)

Costume: Sai from Hikaru no Go
Convention: AnimeFEST 2003

thumbnail This is probably the best picture so far.
(Picture taken by baku_neko)
thumbnail A rather crappy picture, and I obviously wasn't asked to pose, but it's a side view, and that's interesting.
(Picture taken by

Costume: Sai from Hikaru no Go
Convention: Ushicon 3 (2004)

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Costume: Sai from Hikaru no Go
Convention: AnimeFEST 2004

Costume: Jin from Samurai Champloo
Convention: AnimeFEST 2004

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